The connected parade: create an exciting moment during a physical meeting by including an extended experience on digital tools


Synergiz deployed a custom solution to present Orange’s connected accessories in an innovative manner.

Customized solution

We deployed a solution usable on HoloLens for 50 sites over a one-month period: a choreography of Alpha One robots that, thanks to mixed reality, is enriched with a multitude of connected objects and accessories. With a simple hand gesture, the customer can choose a product, see it come to life in 3D, discover its key features, place it in their virtual basket, and enjoy offers focused on families. In order to succeed in this challenge, we have :

  • Industrialized the deployment
  • Set up and configured 20 HoloLens
  • Configured a tool to manage the experiments for the animators
  • Integrated a remote supervision
  • Captured and broadcasted the content in real time with Spectator View

Bénéfices :

  • 11755 Visits to the booth
  • 4300 Parades launched
  • 3240 HoloLens Experiences
  • 2685 Product demos
  • 25000 Refund offers