Microsoft HoloLens 2

3,375 HT

The ultimate mixed reality!

HoloLens allows you to add contextualized virtual information to your natural field of vision while still seeing the real world through your own eyes (see-through). HoloLens offers improved field productivity, making operational tasks and those of frontline technicians easier. These pieces of information, represented as holograms, respond to your instructions as if they were physical objects, analyzing your gestures, gaze, and even your voice.

Customization with your company logo is possible.

Benefit from the HoloLens Essential deal with our Mixed Reality solution Synergiz Harbor:

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Hololens UK

The benefits of HoloLens are:


  • Incorporate virtual data into your field of vision while still seeing the real world with your own eyes (see-through technology).
  • View a large number of holograms simultaneously thanks to an expanded field of view.
  • Enjoy a high level of precision and readability of even the most complex details.
  • Fully immerse yourself: the sound of your holograms adapts to your position in space.


  • Touch, grasp and move holograms naturally and interact with them as if they were real objects.
  • Use voice commands, even in noisy environments, thanks to smart microphones.
  • Use your eyes to perform actions without your hands.


  • Be free in your movements and focus on completing your tasks.
  • Take advantage of mixed reality wherever you are.
  • Enjoy standalone hardware with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity (no external sensors or additional computer required).
  • Use your HoloLens without cables thanks to its 3-hour battery life, rechargeable via USB-C.



  • Enjoy extended use thanks to ergonomic comfort.
  • Adjust the headset to your head quickly, easily, and accurately.
  • Lift or lower the visor as needed




  • Windows holographic operating system
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
  • Dynamics 365 Guides
  • 3D viewer
  • Synergiz Harbor