HoloBackPack HoloLens

4,190 HT

The All-in-One Solution for Swift Mixed Reality Project Deployment

The HoloBackPack is perfectly suited for technical experts (auditors, maintenance technicians, assemblers, troubleshooters, trainers…) who require mobility and minimal bulk. It also caters to information and entertainment professionals who need to move easily and get operational quickly.

The HoloBackPack includes the following essentials:

Contact us for any customization (Microsoft Surface Pro 9 tablet, 5G router, etc.). The version with the Meta Quest 3 headset will be available soon.


The HoloBackPack, specially designed to carry your Mixed Reality essentials, also protects your equipment by keeping electronic devices secure.


The ergonomics and storage capacity of the bag provide easy organization of different components. The stylish and modern design of the backpack emphasizes its versatility.


Padded straps, breathable back, adjustable straps, top carrying handle, and the high-quality construction of the bag ensure comfortable carrying during your journeys.