Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro Edition

4,645 HT

The Most Immersive Augmented Reality Headset for developers

The Magic Leap 2 comes with built-in developer support, providing them access to a portal with additional tools and early updates. This Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro Edition also allows testing of software and seamless migration of applications from Magic Leap 1 and HoloLens to Magic Leap 2.

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On sale to professionals only.

Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro Edition UK


The Magic Leap 2 augmented reality headset is designed to deploy large-scale projects, boasting one of the highest computing performance capabilities among all standalone augmented reality devices.





The lightweight design of the headset (the glasses weigh only 260 grams), the Magic Leap 2 controller, hand and eye tracking, as well as voice commands, provide you with comfort and flexibility to carry out your tasks with precision.




The "global dimming" feature allows you to dim either the entire environment or specific areas, creating a more targeted immersive space. The dimming also works automatically with sunlight to ensure digital objects remain visible.





The Magic Leap 2 augmented reality glasses come with a one (1)-year warranty.

  • Magic Leap OS / Android™ AOSP-based open interface
  • Soon available with Synergiz Harbor