At Synergiz, we go far beyond our role as a hardware solutions reseller, integrator, and software publisher.
We understand that ensuring the success of your Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality, or customized project requires dedicated accompaniment. We are committed to being your trusted partner throughout the realization of your projects.
Our team of experts stands by your side at every stage, from complete and personalized deployment to comprehensive training for your teams.

Synergiz Services

Synergiz Services

Discover how we ensure the successful implementation of your project and the optimal maintenance of your operational solutions. Explore in detail our SERVICES pillar and our comprehensive offering designed to meet your specific needs.

Icone Synergiz Academy

Synergiz ACADEMY

Our dedicated trainers are committed to educating and guiding you in the effective adoption of the tools we implement. Explore our ACADEMY pillar to learn more about how we enhance your operational skills.

Trust Synergiz for a successful collaboration, from project conception to full operational autonomy for your teams.