HoloKase XR10 TR

10,290 HT

The ready-to-use mixed reality kit designed for safety

Protect your teams during mixed reality sessions. Experiment even in places that require extra protection. Protect your equipment with its hardened shell and protective foam that fits perfectly to the shape of the different components.

HoloKase advantages

  • Perfectly adapted to your Trimble XR10 (optimal protection of glass parts)
  • Solid and secure (waterproof case, shock resistant, possibility to put a padlock)
  • Compact and mobile (Lightweight and compatible with hand luggage)
  • Autonomous (battery, router)
  • Easy to use


  • 1 Case (L:61,3cm / W:47,8cm / H:33,7cm)
  • 1 Trimble XR10 headset
  • Power bank
  • Surface pro
  • 4G wifi router
  • Storage for cables