Mazars – #Bulding


ImMeRsio Mixed reality consultation solution


Synergiz proposed a solution to address Mazars’ issues in an innovative way.

Customized solution

We have developed for them, a solution usable on HoloLens which allows :

  • to discover the project territory in 3D and to work on the implantation of the wind turbines
  • to add and move objects (urban furniture, vegetation, signs…)
  • to immerse oneself by displaying 360° photomontages of the project
  • to allow a recovery of its data in order to exploit them easily via a complete and accessible reporting

This solution was accompanied by the provision of HoloKase, in order to facilitate its mobility throughout the territory, to secure the equipment during travel and to make its use accessible even in areas without the possibility of internet connection.


More immersive, more impactful, more open consultation workshops.

Easy handling of the solution by the participants. Data that enriches the work of Mazars’ teams.