The mixed reality project:

Introducing Mixed Reality with an interactive and engaging workshop at La Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie.

The solution :

Developing a complete Mixed Reality experience with the Synergiz Harbor solution to enable a wide audience to easily and confidently grasp immersive technologies.

La Cité des Sciences

Synergiz Harbor

Armed with the brief, the Synergiz Harbor team immediately opted for a universal theme to energize a workshop on Mixed Reality on March 8 and 9: ocean preservation.

Developers and UX/UI designers then designed an interactive and collaborative experience, blending manipulable 2D and 3D content, thus offering the viewer total control over their actions.

Equipped with the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset, each visitor was entrusted with a crucial mission: to collect polluting waste threatening marine ecosystems, sort it, and throw it into the appropriate bins. All this, while vividly discovering the devastating impacts of pollution at sea.

Visitor Experience

Visitors were amazed by this experience. Their first reactions? “It’s super fun; too cool!”.

A guaranteed “wow” effect, accompanied by a tangible awareness of the challenges of marine pollution.

The younger ones immediately adapted to the headset, diving into a virtual game where reality and fiction blend. Total satisfaction: Mixed Reality brings cultural institutions to life by transforming visitors into full-fledged actors.

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