The educational Mixed Reality project:

The Apprenticeship Training Center (CFA) of Vannes in France, aims to integrate Mixed Reality into their training programs to make learning more innovative and engaging.

The solution:

Developing two interactive educational workshops with Synergiz Harbor to facilitate learners’ understanding and learning.

CFA Morbihan

Bâtiment CFA Bretagne is the association that manages four Apprentice Training Centers (CFA) for the building industry across the region. The centers’ promise is to build the society of tomorrow by offering professional training and the acquisition of professional skills.

As part of the “Technician of Connected Infrastructures and Equipment” diploma at CFA Morbihan, Erwan Gry, the electricity trainer, wanted to set up two Mixed Reality workshops for his students, using Meta Quest 3 headsets and our Synergiz Harbor solution.

Synergiz Harbor

Live workshops

The results:

  • Offering a hands-on approach through practical workshops makes complex concepts more accessible and provides a more concrete understanding of their profession (e.g. Enhanced Understanding of Motor Mechanics).
  • Students are better prepared and certified for real-world interventions, enhancing overall safety.
  • By integrating these elements into the training program, Synergiz Harbor enhances the overall educational experience, making it more innovative, engaging, and effective.

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