UIMM Occitanie – #Industry


Reduce design time for industrial parts.
Reduce maintenance exchange times.
To make industrial jobs more attractive.


Synergiz proposed 3 solutions to respond in an innovative way to the problems of UIMM Occitanie.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides :

The team at L’UIMM created and implemented training modules with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides. With a HoloLens 2 and mixed reality, learners have the possibility to read, interact but can also listen to the information that the trainer transmits them, while being anchored in the physical world. For UIMM Occitanie, this makes a real difference with virtual reality where learners are cut off from their environment.

This innovative learning solution has restored the visibility and attractiveness of the industry’s professions. This method is also suitable for a large number of people because it uses several cognitive means (written, audio, etc.), which results in a higher rate of information retention. In addition, employees who are already in the company are able to train and improve their skills independently.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist :

With this application for HoloLens 2, the members but also the teams of the UIMM Occitanie, can consult a technical expert remotely in order to identify a breakdown in a very precise way on a machine. The expert sees in real time what the operator sees and can directly add annotations and indications to guide the operator.

Where before we needed to exchange 6 to 8 emails, with Remote Assist this exchange can be summarized in 2 minutes. It may not sound like much, but the added value compared to a standard phone call is significant.

Romain METILLON IndustryLab Manager, UIMM Occitanie

This application has saved a lot of time in the exchanges for the maintenance of the machines. The elimination of email exchanges and, above all, a better understanding have greatly facilitated more effective maintenance, efficient in terms of reducing polluting emissions (fewer unnecessary trips) and better quality.

Synergiz Harbor

Synergiz has implemented this solution for the design of industrial parts. Thanks to the HoloLens 2, industrial members can exchange, manipulate and also co-design a 3D part model at the same time.
As part of their training, learners also design 3D parts and can visualize and manipulate them in mixed reality, to go beyond a computer.

Benefits :
This tool saves time and productivity in the design and production of industrial parts. Indeed, malfunctions are identified more easily and more quickly, which reduces the design time. Moreover, Harbor contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and has a real impact on the attractiveness of industrial jobs.