Magic Leap authorized reseller. Synergiz expands its leadership with augmented reality glasses, Magic Leap 2

Saint-Malo, November 14, 2023.

Synergiz, a key player in the field of mixed reality, announces a significant expansion of its offering by integrating Magic Leap 2 augmented reality glasses and becoming a Magic Leap authorized reseller. This initiative marks a major step in Synergiz’s ongoing commitment to providing innovative and immersive solutions for the visualization, interaction, and manipulation of 3D content and multimedia elements.

Magic Leap authorized reseller

Strategic Partnership with Magic Leap

Synergiz is expanding its product range to meet the growing needs of the mixed reality and augmented reality market with cutting-edge equipment. Magic Leap 2 augmented reality glasses allow users to see and interact with their real environment while displaying holograms, 3D elements, and all types of digital content (video, PDF, image, etc.).

These elements seamlessly adapt to reality and provide contextualized virtual information in the user’s natural field of vision while still seeing the real world with their own eyes. Magic Leap 2 is recognized, among other things, for deploying large-scale projects, its high computing power, the lightweight design of its glasses, user comfort, and its “global dimming” function that allows easy light management, offering an unparalleled user experience.

Synergiz Harbor: A new dimension with Magic Leap 2 Augmented Reality Glasses

This collaboration is also realized by porting the Synergiz Harbor software solution to Magic Leap 2 glasses. This compatibility opens up new possibilities for users, allowing not only the visualization, interaction, and manipulation of 3D content and multimedia elements (including heavy files with multiple polygons) but also collaboration among multiple users. Synergiz Harbor will be available starting in early December 2023.

Numerous use cases

A multitude of use cases are available for field operators and information professionals in the fields of industry, health, education, entertainment, and many others. Health professionals can benefit from enhanced visualization of 3D medical data, designers and industrial professionals can refine their prototypes with total immersion, and training teams can create realistic simulations for a better understanding of complex processes.

Check the Magic Leap page for more information on Magic Leap 2, Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro Edition, and Magic Leap 2 Enterprise Edition.

Magic Leap authorized reseller