Synergiz AstroLabe is an exclusive SDK (Software Development Kit) fully developed in-house to address a clear observation: the difficulty of developing 2D/3D applications.

Synergiz AstroLabe thus facilitates the development of online 3D applications and the manipulation of all these holographic controls in an automated layout with greater flexibility in the development of design applications.

Synergiz AstroLabe offers and allows to :

Provide easier and more user-friendly access to development capabilities
Facilitate the creation of LOB (Line-Of-Business) 3D applications
Develop holographic elements and graphic interfaces
Accelerate development through an easy-to-use markup language
Rapidly create user interface prototypes
Create Astrolabe/Unity hybrid applications
Add a layer to extend and complement standard tools and capabilities (Unity, MRTK, …).
Save time and money by reducing development and bug turnaround times
times faster

Synergiz AstroLabe promises 5 to 10 times faster project development compared to without its use,
which significantly helps developers who are not specialized in mixed reality.

Synergiz AstroLabe brings three main points of use:


A real ease of learning
(an intuitive application that is easy to use)


Rapid and visual development
(see instantly the rendering of what you code)


More flexibility in design
(more options and agility to create).