Synergiz announces compatibility of its Mixed Reality solution with Magic Leap 2 glasses

Saint-Malo, March 1st, 2024 – Synergiz is proud to unveil a significant milestone in its technological development. The Synergiz Harbor Mixed Reality solution is now fully compatible with Magic Leap 2 Augmented Reality glasses. As an official partner and reseller of Magic Leap 2 glasses, this collaboration marks a new era in harnessing the capabilities of Mixed Reality.

This integration opens up vast opportunities for users by expanding their access to Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality experiences. Driven by increasing customer demand for versatile and high-performing solutions, this initiative demonstrates Synergiz’s commitment to effectively meet market needs.

Known for their impressive computing capability, Magic Leap 2 glasses ensure smooth deployment of the Synergiz Harbor solution. By combining Synergiz’s expertise in Mixed Reality software solutions with the technological power of Magic Leap, users can now fully leverage advanced Mixed Reality features.

Synergiz Harbor offers a range of advanced features, including AI integration enabling 3D model searches from voice prompts. Key use cases of the Synergiz Harbor Mixed Reality solution with Magic Leap 2 glasses include:

  • Procedural training: revitalizing training pathways with step-by-step guidance and contextualized learning.
  • Complex data visualization: enhanced analysis and understanding.
  • Space planning: error prevention and visualization of full-scale prototypes in their environment.
  • Product presentations: enhancement with points of interest and animations.
  • Project reviews: complementing digital elements with a real scene.

This compatibility opens up new possibilities for businesses and professionals, enabling more efficient collaboration and increased productivity in the field. Synergiz remains committed to continued innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of its clients in the Mixed Reality domain.