(AI) Searching for 3D models based on voice prompts through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a trend, but a tangible reality. At Synergiz, we have always aimed to offer our clients limitless possibilities. Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality (or Augmented Reality, or Spatial Computing) already have a long history together in facilitating user interactions or understanding their environment. The teams at Synergiz have also deployed numerous projects demonstrating how Artificial Intelligence – particularly Machine Learning – addresses significant business challenges (recognizing, measuring, counting, etc.). So, what’s the next step today?

Today, our developers have developed an integration into our software solution, Synergiz Harbor, allowing users to search for 3D models using voice prompts from the online 3D model host, Sketchfab.

You speak, you command, and Synergiz Harbor executes. The desired 3D model instantly appears in your content library, ready for you to utilize and manipulate like any other element.

The search for 3D models based on voice prompts is powered by the collaborative Mixed Reality solution, Synergiz Harbor. As it is compatible with Microsoft HoloLens, Meta Quest, and Magic Leap 2 headsets, you can leverage AI across all supported devices.