Orange – #Retail


The connected parade: create an exciting moment during a physical meeting by including an extended experience on digital tools


Synergiz proposed a solution to address Orange’s issues in an innovative way.

Customized solution

We deployed a solution usable on HoloLens for 50 sites
over a period of one month. In order to succeed in this challenge, we have :

  • Industrialized the deployment
  • Set up and configured 20 HoloLens
  • Configured a tool to manage the experiments for the animators
  • Integrated a remote supervision
  • Captured and broadcasted the content in real time with Spectator View

Bénéfices :

  • 11755 Visits to the booth
  • 4300 Parades launched
  • 3240 HoloLens Experiences
  • 2685 Product demos
  • 25000 Refund offers