Reference player of Mixed Reality

With 13 years of experience and partnerships with Microsoft (HoloLens), Meta (Meta Quest), Magic Leap (Magic Leap 2), and Trimble, Synergiz is recognized as the key player in Mixed Reality in France and internationally.

As both a Developer of its own software solution Synergiz Harbor and custom interactive solutions, as well as an Integrator and
Reseller, Synergiz supports you in the design and deployment of your immersive projects in
Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality on headsets and tablets/smartphones.

Meta Work Partner

Discover Synergiz Harbor – a multi-device Mixed Reality collaboration software solution – to deploy your projects in the enterprise.

For which use cases?

Training and operations assistance

Your learners or collaborators increase their skills with autonomy and with a higher retention rate.

Remote assistance

Assist your remote teams quickly and efficiently. Reduce on-site travel and your carbon footprint

Collaborative project review

Collaborate locally or remotely in the design of your projects and remove the barriers to decision-making for your clients

Data visualization and digital twin

Visualize your data, collaborate with a digital twin in the industrial metaverse online or locally

Space planning

Design your sales, factory or laboratory spaces in mixed reality with full-scale holograms!

Sectors of activity



How to optimize your production and maintenance processes?

– Improve learning of operations by guiding your teams step by step with visual, targeted and real-life instructions

– Minimize the risk of error and downtime by accurately guiding your operators

– Increase speed and accuracy by assisting your employees with points of interest enriched with information and instructions

– Put your design teams in real-life situations by viewing and interacting with their 3D models


Collaboration médicale en réalité mixte


How can you improve the quality of medical care?

– Maximize the training of healthcare professionals by assisting them step-by-step with real-world information

– Share expertise simply and accurately
Minimize the risk of error during medical and surgical procedures

– Facilitate the creation and R&D process by allowing your teams to manipulate their 3D prototypes and include them in their environment

Sales and Culture

Sales & culture

How to improve the customer experience?

– Put your customers and visitors in a real situation and create a surprise effect

– Create your virtual showrooms and exhibitions simply and accurately

– Revolutionize the presentation of your products and works with the addition of contextualized virtual information in the real world




Our 5 pillars
a global offer to successfully address
your Mixed Reality projects


Comprehensive Mixed Reality hardware and software offer for your company.


Complete deployment of our solution (Expertise, hardware configuration…).


Support for change and empowerment (training, transfer of skills…).


Creation, transformation and capture of 3D and multimedia content.


Center for innovation, experimentation
and development.