Microsoft Mesh: redefining virtual meetings with engaging and interactive experiences

In a world where remote work has become the norm and teams are often dispersed across the globe, the way we interact within companies has significantly evolved.

Virtual meetings have become essential, but the crucial question arises: how do we maintain team cohesion despite physical distance and make exchanges meaningful? Microsoft Mesh offers an innovative answer to this challenge, going beyond simple virtual meetings to provide interactive experiences that enhance connectivity among colleagues.

Microsoft Mesh – Advancing virtual collaboration

Microsoft Mesh is much more than just an application for virtual meetings. Accessible on computers, smartphones, and via mixed reality or virtual reality headsets like the Meta Quest 3, this platform transforms remote meetings into immersive experiences. Users can create personalized avatars and gather together in virtual environments, thereby eliminating geographical barriers for more effective collaboration.

Engaging experiences for raising awareness

The Synergiz Studio and Factory teams develop awareness-raising experiences, such as marine biodiversity preservation. These experiences not only allow colleagues to work together towards a common goal but also raise awareness about major environmental issues. The marine biodiversity environment invites participants to virtually dive into the depths of the ocean to collect polluting waste and understand the disastrous consequences of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems.

Our ambition: uniting colleagues around strong causes

We aim to develop a value proposition for organizations. Not only do we create personalized meeting environments, but we also develop experiences aimed at informing, engaging, and uniting around causes, whether related to the strategic challenges of each organization, specific training and awareness issues in their sectors, or more importantly, related to their CSR policy and support for major societal causes (resource preservation, eco-responsibility, inclusion, disability, etc.).

Synergiz Experience for Microsoft Mesh
Synergiz Experience for Microsoft Mesh about biodiversity
Synergiz Experience for Microsoft Mesh about ocean protection and pollution.

Microsoft Mesh offers interactive and engaging experiences and creates unique opportunities for awareness-raising and strengthening bonds within teams beyond simple online meetings. This solution serves as operational support for their efforts in informing, training, and engaging employees, accessible directly and easily at the organizational and small thematic group levels. In a world where physical distance has become the norm, Microsoft Mesh paves the way for a new era of virtual collaboration, where distance is no longer an obstacle but an opportunity to connect differently.