Leviatan Design – #Industry


Build sustainable structures
Improve the collaboration of their employees and the quality of their work and activities


Synergiz proposed 3 solutions to address Leviatan Design issues in an innovative way.

Hololens / HoloKase

In collaboration with Synergiz, Leviatan Design began adopting mixed reality solutions using HoloLens and Synergiz HoloKase, the all-in-one mixed reality kit, with customized training sessions and technical support tailored to their construction projects.

Very quickly, the company saw a real interest in implementing the NEXT-BIM software solution.

Through the HoloLens, 3D models come to life and offer a new level of vision and information to the teams and clients involved in the projects. The ability to superimpose 3D models on a real environment truly simplifies the understanding of all phases of a project by all stakeholders involved.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist :

Teams can simultaneously share a real-time view of their project with remote people, and highlight critical information without having all the participants on site, thus avoiding unnecessary travel while maintaining and streamlining the workflow.

Bénéfices :

The use of mixed reality solutions has primarily changed the way Leviatan Design teams communicate with each other. Problems can be identified and notified by the on-site operations teams via HoloLens and directly reported and resolved by the teams in the office. All parties involved have direct access to the architectural, structural and design information of the project in an immersive way. Instead of using tablets, blueprints and 2D models, this dynamic process has reduced their coordination time by 50%.

“Using the mixed reality solution has primarily changed the way we communicate between people in the field and people in the office. Issues are checked, identified and notified very quickly in the field and sent to the office.”
Maria Văsi, Lead of Infrastructure Office, Leviatan Design.