HoloKase: new range available, discover them

Thanks to the success of its first model and enthusiastic feedback from its users, Synergiz is unveiling a complete range of HoloKase products!

More than ever, the rapid adoption of mixed reality by companies requires relying on solutions that facilitate transporting, deploying and smoothly operating holographic experiences in the field under all circumstances.
There are so many use cases for mixed reality: organising a training course at a customer’s premises, presenting your products to visitors at a professional event or equipping an operator at a production site to guide their movements and actions or assist them remotely.
They all share the same challenges focused on mobility, collaboration, connectivity, availability and reliability!
The HoloKase range was created with the aim of meeting all these challenges!

HoloKase products are:

  • all-in-one solutions so you don’t forget anything when you need to move around
  • based on hardside case designs to perfectly protect your equipment
  • compact to make it easier to travel, regardless the means of transport (they do not exceed maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage on domestic or international flights)
  • equipped with a battery to optimise how long you can use them
  • equipped with a Wi-Fi/4G router to ensure collaboration between multiple users as well as communication with experts working remotely
  • combined with a tablet to take advantage of video feedback, but also so that it can be integrated into more advanced business scenarios: managing holographic experiences, storing data, using complementary applications, etc.
  • customisable in the style and colours of your choice to promote and showcase your services

HoloKase facilitates the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides (contextualised training) applications, as well as any custom-designed solution to meet specific business needs.

Discover our first three models:

The “HoloKase SMALL ONE TR” is particularly suitable for scenarios that require working in the field and remote expertise.
To this end, it takes advantage of its very compact format and its 4G router guaranteeing you can communicate with remote or external stakeholders.
Its additional battery means that you can use it for long periods of time.

The “HoloKase MEDIUM TWO TR” is based on the original HoloKase model.
It is therefore particularly suitable for collaborative scenarios involving several users at the same time.
You should also note that it is possible to “chain” the HoloKase to increase the number of connected users to 4, 6, 8, 10, and so on.

Finally, the “HoloKase MEDIUM ONE TR” provides great flexibility of use by allowing you to group together within a single container all the elements needed for your holographic experience, as well as all the additional accessories and tools that could be useful thanks to its integrated storage volume of five litres.

Note that these three versions can be supplied with pre-installed and configured Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and/or Dynamics 365 Guides applications.

Lastly, while the HoloKase range is based on approved and proven configurations, it is still entirely possible to adjust its content or even adapt its format (dimensions and customised foams) in order to meet specific business needs.

Want to know more?
Visit the HoloKase page on the Synergiz website!