Feedback: Imascap/Wright Medical – Mixed Reality for Surgery

Just last week Imascap/Wright Medical used their BLUEPRINT software solution for preoperative planning under real conditions.
The objective was to use mixed reality to assist surgeons in their preparations for prosthetic implant procedures.

The software was used a few days apart at the Saint-Grégoire University Private Hospital near Rennes, France, the Tours University Regional Hospital and the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, United States.

They all unanimously confirmed mixed reality’s significant contribution to assisting surgeries, in particular thanks to its advanced holographic display capabilities and the ease of interacting with displayed information (specifically through hand movements and eye or voice tracking), and in the strictest compliance with operating constraints associated with surgical procedures.

Synergiz is delighted and proud to support the Imascap/Wright Medical teams in the deployment of this business solution, with a special thanks to its HoloKase solution facilitating the implementation, supervision and operations of mobile and collaborative holographic solutions.

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