Faurecia – #Industry


Increase the performance and productivity of its teams.


Synergiz proposed an innovative solution to Faurecia’s problems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist :

Synergiz supports the automotive industry’s technology leader in its mass deployment of HoloLens 2 and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist. A solution that allows operators to resolve faults in a much simpler and more efficient way.

Through HoloLens 2, operators can call and interact with an expert remotely while retaining the use of their hands, allowing them to easily perform their manipulations. The operator shares his field of vision with the expert in real time and the expert can even add annotations and targeted indications directly in the operator’s space to guide him with precision.


The implementation of these new technologies within the group has reduced the time and cost of maintenance operations as well as downtime.

Globally, the time of a machine malfunction is divided by 10, and the downtime of a machine is reduced from 20 hours to 2 hours.