CERI – #Industry


Sublimation of machine tools


Synergiz proposed a solution to address CERI’s issues in an innovative way.

Customized solution

We imagined and designed with their teams, an application usable on HoloLens allowing to :

  • To represent, in the form of a hologram, the complete machine at a scale of 1:1 in order to anticipate the location to be reserved in a factory / hangar,
  • To present in 3D modeling the external envelope of the new “3-axis” tooling module, otherwise called “station” (in the form of a holographic model),
  • To present the principal movements that the station can produce thanks to animations,
  • Illustrate points of interest with the support of additional visual content,
  • To offer an exploitation of the contents in situation of mobility, in “standalone” on HoloLens 2


Une application facile à prendre en main, un réel business partner pour les équipes avant-ventes.