The customized project:

[confidential – client in the transportation industry]
Establishing connections and interacting in a more immersive way with remote collaborators .
Ensuring that the perception of the real and the virtual becomes one.

The solution:

Design 3D avatars for client executive employees and Mixed Reality collaborators, and provide a 3D avatar editor so that other employees can create their avatars when they join meeting.

Understanding the Challenges

In this type of custom project, active listening and a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations are essential to progress effectively and meet the specified deadlines. The client’s challenges in this situation were diverse :
– Adhering to the specific performance requirements of the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset.
– Maintaining a graphic and artistic style in line with the defined characteristics.
– Generating a sufficient diversity of faces to allow everyone to create an avatar in their likeness.
– Delivering a comprehensive representation of the body, taking into account the actual dimensions of the individuals to be avatarized.

The creation of 3D avatars

Two major steps were taken:
– Conducting a state-of-the-art analysis to define the artistic direction.
– Agreeing with the client on the technical tools to use, the programming language, and the elements required from their side to integrate the avatars effectively.

At the client’s request, around twenty 3D avatars were specially created based on photos of executive employees provided by the client, captured from different angles.

The avatar editor software

In addition to creating 3D avatars for the client company’s executives, the second part of the mission involved delivering an avatar builder.

This allows the client to have total autonomy in designing new 3D avatars in the future, providing optimal flexibility to the creative process. This feature enables easy shaping and customization of new 3D avatars, ensuring a dynamic adaptation to the company’s developments and specific needs.

Overview of the 3D editor and the final rendering of active 3D avatars: