The mixed reality project:

Offer an immersive experience on the Mars mission to students at a university in the United States.

The solution:

View 3D videos and scenes, manipulate 3D objects and test your knowledge with an interactive quiz using Microsoft Guides with HoloLens 2 software.


Brewco Marketing Group (BMG) is a key player in experiential marketing. The company enables its customers to get closer to their consumers and offer them the most complete and memorable experience for discovering a new product or service. For 25 years, award-winning BMG has excelled in personalized and participative marketing, working alongside major brands such as IBM, McDonald’s, LG and many others.

Microsoft Guides

Thanks to Microsoft Guides, we created a tailor-made guide for students to immerse themselves in the Mars project. Through the slides, students were able to view videos explaining the mission, as well as manipulate 3D objects to fully understand the various critical phases of the mission.
To test their knowledge and self-evaluate, students were able to answer a questionnaire on the key points of the mission.


The use of mixed reality and the “Guides” format enable students to immerse themselves in the different phases of the mission.
As mixed reality appeals to different senses (hearing, sight, touch), it enables a higher rate of information retention and therefore better comprehension.