Synergiz Periscope offers a streaming tour where the “Guide” wears a Microsoft HoloLens headset and shares in real time what he sees with one or more remote visitors.

The advantage of HoloLens is that the guide can add additional information (photos, videos…) to the tour in real time.

Based on an independent video infrastructure
Dedicated to augmented group tours
Usable on the Microsoft HoloLens headset (guide/presenter)
Usable via web browser (viewer)


Communication with
remote viewers

  • Audio communication
  • Sharing of the presenter’s field of vision
  • Hands-free maintained for the presenter

Session management & integration

  • Platform for autonomous session management
  • Access through secure link sharing
  • Possibility to integrate business data

Resource Sharing

  • Sharing of 3D models
  • Sharing of images
  • Sharing of video
  • Sharing of web pages

Interaction with remote viewers

  • Viewing of text chat
  • Ability to mute or unmute the microphones of viewers