Simplify your operations with HoloLens and Synergiz Harbor: embrace Mixed Reality technology today!

Mixed Reality is experiencing a growing adoption dynamic within businesses. Useful in all sectors, this technology – which is embodied in Microsoft’s HoloLens headsets among others – enables professionals on the ground to work hands-free while still having access to the information they need to do their work.

Mixed reality has attracted companies because it greatly simplifies the day-to-day tasks of employees, such as fixing faults in minutes by providing the remote help of an expert, a task that previously could have taken hours or even days to do. This technology directly maximises the quality of employees’ work, reducing the risk of errors and enabling all actions to be tracked. The many companies that have already adopted Mixed Reality have seen their productivity boosted by up to 60%*, time saved by up to 30%* or costs significantly reduced by up to 80%*.

This is why the Synergiz teams have developed an application specifically for HoloLens, Synergiz Harbor, to provide companies with a smooth and simple way to manage, deploy and access their content and information and so conduct their operations effectively.

Speed up your design and prototyping phases

  • Help your R&D and design teams visualise their prototypes under actual conditions by seeing and handling their models as holograms.
  • Local or remote collaboration on the models is possible when everyone involved is wearing a HoloLens headset.
  • The technology simplifies communication processes and reduces travel expenditure by eliminating the visits that experts previously needed to visit remote sites, representing up to 75% of all major business trips*.

Redesign your layouts more easily

  • Synergiz Harbor helps you lay out your plants, warehouses, sales outlets and property by placing a perfect virtual replica of the original fixtures, machines and objects directly into them.
  • By viewing these life-size replicas of the real objects directly in their intended location, you can easily design or redesign a project layout, or help your customers imagine themselves in a property you are selling, for example.

Simplify your product presentations

  • Present large and heavy products easily to your customers and prospects at business meetings, trade shows and events.
  • Mixed Reality eliminates the need to transport your products or have them shipped – customers can view and handle their perfect virtual replicas very simply with HoloLens, and you can even incorporate further information and animations to present them more simply.

Improve your training

  • Synergiz Harbor helps companies, schools and specialised training centres improve the quality of their training by up to 60%*.
  • The human brain remembers information better if it is in concrete and visual form.
  • Consequently, viewing and handling 3D holograms instead of 2D images or text greatly improves the quality of the teaching.

Going further

Going further than the benefits provided directly to HoloLens users, Synergiz Harbor primarily stands out from the other 3D visualisation solutions available because of its ability to organise, store and disseminate content at the corporate level. With Synergiz Harbor, managing your assets and having up-to-date content becomes child’s play. The solution offers considerable advantages in terms of reliability and information governance for any company wishing to use Mixed Reality on a large scale.

For more information, read here or contact our teams, or else 👉 download the free version of the application from the Microsoft store.

*Sources: Forrester – The Total Economic Impact Of Mixed Reality Using Microsoft HoloLens 2 – 2021